Work on Toshiba T3200 & T1000LE

  • Hello all!
    I have to write in English, since my Finnish skill is not prefect....

    I am looking for anybody who has done any repair work on Toshiba's old computers, T3200 and T1000LE. I have both, and managed to get the T1000LE to work after a recapping. It starts up to something like a airconditioning maintenance program, so I would like to format it and get a very early DOS and Windows installed to it.

    The T3200 is dead, but I haven't opened it yet. I found a gas plasma display and PSU for this for sale, they are on the way home to me now. I suppose the original PSU is faulty, but I'm also thinking about recapping the PSU that I will get soon, before I install it into the T3200. Or make one good PSU out of 1 faulty and 1 "unknown/working".

    So I just would like to bounce ideas and experiences with someone who might have done something with these machines before.

    Thanks a lot, have a nice day!